MAYSP is a website designed, developed, and published for Morgantown Area Youth Services Project, a local nonprofit focusing on delinquent rehabilitation. Throughout the project I met with Danny Trejo, the program’s leader, to get feedback on each step of the process. I began by taking inventory of the content on the existing site and reorganizing it to create an information architecture diagram. Then, I created the user and design personas to characterize the brand and it’s users. I produced style tiles on which Mr. Trejo gave feedback so I could move onto wireframes, followed by mockups. Once again, after approval, I developed the site in HTML, CSS, JS, and the CMS Concrete5. After coding, I used to test anonymously and use their feedback to improve the site overall. Once Mr. Trejo was satisfied with the website, I created a Concrete5 User Guide for his reference and provided him my contact info for future assistance.